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Turco-Sagramoso- Scandola Palace

Turco-Sgramoso-Scandola Palace dates back to the transitional period between the Renaissance and the Baroque. It is among the most original and richly decorated buildings in Verona. Pio Turco had the palace built to make the memory of the miraculous victory 'immortal'. The victory was achieved on the day of Santa Giustina (Battle of Lepanto, 7 October 1571), against the Turkish army.  



The caryatids make this building unique; they reproduce Turkish slaves disguised in 'Persian style'. Some of the caryatids, as well as the mascarons of the keystones, show the owner in various attitudes of his life, with curious allegories associated with his name and surname.



These caryatids were called 'puoti', puppets, by the vulgar people, which is why Via San Cosimo was and still is called 'the street of the puoti'.