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L'olivo 1939

Since 1939, the restaurant-pizzeria L’Olivo has been located in the historic centre of Verona. Born as a café from the collaboration between the Cenna family and the owners of Caffè Pedrocchi in Padua, and famous for its excellent pastries, L’Olivo became a restaurant, a pizzeria, and a meeting point for the citizens of Verona.



Olivo - Interno


La Sala futurista

Today, the Futurist Room, a series of paintings dated between 1943 and 1945 on the theme of Romeo and Juliet signed by two Veronese Futurist artists, Albino Siviero known as Verossi (who was a friend of Marinetti and Boccioni) and Amos Ernesto Tomba, has returned to its original beauty. It was  discovered and restored under L’Olivo 1939 restaurant in Bra and it was enriched by a series of illustrative panels describing the authors, the restoration work, and the historical and artistic period in which the paintings were made.



Originally, the room had been used as a smoking room and a party room by the artists from Verona and also by the officers of the Luftwaffe (the German air force in World War II). After two years of work, the entire figures of the painting cycle have re-emerged, as well as a series of poems, above and below the mural, composed in Italian and in dialect by another Veronese artist, the vernacular poet Giuseppe Barni.