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Casa Trevisani-Lonardi (Trevisani-Lonardi House)

On the corner of Vicolo San Marco in Foro and Vicoletto cieco Pozzo San Marco is Trevisani-Leonardi House. This building, frescoed by the artist Giovanni Maria Falconetto, recalls the fashion of reproducing classical motifs with authority, especially in the exquisitely decorative parts, which was typical of the end of the 15th century. The decoration consists of sixteen backgrounds articulated in pilasters and friezes. 



The chosen themes take inspiration from the common representations of the classical reliefs: hunts, sacrifices, oracles, battles, and victories. 


It is reasonable to assume that the location of the palace (in the centre of Roman Verona) contributed to the choice of the themes: probably, they wanted to erect a building that had some relation to classical antiquity. The figures, made of light, whitish stone colours that gave the impression of a relief, are still visible today. 

Three scenes are particularly visible today: on the side façade there is a mythological representation, on the main façade the scene of a sacrifice and, finally, the representation of a battle.



Originally there were the following representations


  • The Rape of Proserpine and a Sacrifice;


  • A Sacrifice and the Consultation of the Oracle;


  • Soldiers in the act of hanging trophies from trees and a sacrificial scene taken from a medallion of the Arch of Constantine;


  • A priest in front of an altar and a set up of trophies;