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Volto barbaro (Barbarian Face)

Under Mastino I della Scala, Verona achieved exceptional wealth and prosperity. The several Guelph families – who thanks to the Lord's magnanimity still resided in Verona - managed, however, to organise a conspiracy on 17 October 1277. It is said that Mastino I and Nogarola were returning from their house in Piazza delle Erbe (at the Mazzanti), when the Guelph families rushed against them and slaughtered them. 


The ambush took place at the back of the Mazzanti Houses, in the alley called Volto Barbaro. According to the legend, the name of this street derives from the barbaric killing of Mastino (there is a wall plaque commemorating the event).



Mastino's murder was directly connected to an action of public benefit and beauty carried out by his brother Alberto. The street that connected the Forum to the river port was paved with materials obtained from the demolition of the houses of Mastino della Scala's murderers.