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Trattoria Pizzeria Impero

Founded in the early 1900s as a café dedicated to Italy's imperial dreams, it built its first pizza oven in the 1960s. The popularity of Pizzeria Impero continued to grow rapidly, our pizzas and hospitality became well known in the city, and the café grew as a result.

Trattoria Pizzeria Impero


In 1972, Giuliano Cortelletti founded the company CO.TI. Restaurants S.r.l. and the following year bought Caffè 'Impero'. His vision was to produce and offer his guests exactly the kind of pizza he had always wanted to make. His intention was to create a unique place that would welcome and become a second living room for everyone. 


Trattoria Pizzeria Impero - interno


In 1973 the moment finally arrived and the first pizza based on Giuliano Cortelletti's recipe was served at Impero. Over the following years, the restaurant became more and more popular, the pizzas and hospitality became known throughout the city, and so did the café itself. Several floors and rooms were added, the kitchen was expanded, and the menu also grew to include a variety of fresh dishes. Thus the Café became a pizzeria and in 2003 became the 'Trattoria Pizzeria Impero'.