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San Pietro Martire presso Santa Anastasia

The Basilica of Santa Anastasia, officiated by the Dominicans, has been dedicated since 1307 to San Pietro Martire, co-patron saint of Verona along with Saint Zeno. The figure of St. Peter Martyr plays a prominent role in the history of medieval Verona. In 1251, he was commissioned by Innocent IV to extirpate the heretical pravity in Cremona, together with some friars. 



The death of Friar Peter of Verona is part of the broader panorama of the fight against heresy in Lombardy and the 'good dualist Christians' (or Cathars). Saint Peter Martyr was killed on 6 April 1252 in the woods of Barlassina on his way from Como to Milan. The killing of Martyr Peter is depicted on a tile on the façade of Santa Anastasia.