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Ponte Pietra con vista su Castel San Pietro

Ponte Pietra (Stone Bridge) is the oldest Roman monument in the city and is the only example of a bridge from Roman times that is still visible today. It stands in a strategic place for the city since the earliest urban settlements: it is the point where -since prehistoric times- there was a ford between Saint Peter’s Hill and the plain. 


It was built for strategic reasons, as it allowed the passage from one side of the city to the other, crossing the centre of the city's communication system. From Ponte Pietra it is possible to see Castel San Pietro: it is here that, according to the legend, Alboino was assassinated.


The Veronese legend has it that King Alboin forced his sweet consort Rosmunda to make a toast in her own father's skull. The queen, having suffered the outrage, resorted to revenge by hiring Elmichi, the most faithful and valiant of Alboin's squires and her lover. Thus Alboin was killed at night, in Theodoric's palace, at the behest of Rosmunda.