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Isolina Canuti

To whom does the young female face depicted in the bas-relief belong? According to the popular tradition, it belongs to Isolina Canuti, a cheerful, dancing-loving 19-year-old girl, a free spirit. In 1899, Carlo Trivulzi, a lieutenant of the Alpini from a noble Udinese family, stayed at the Canuti home. Isolina got pregnant, and at the beginning of January 1900 she was forced to have an abortion and bleeded to death.



His body was cut into pieces and thrown in the Adige River. It followed a trial that became a political confrontation: the army got involved, the evidence was erased, the person responsible acquitted, and the journalist who denounced him condemned. Only in recent times - thanks to the writer Dacia Maraini - Isolina's memory has been brought back to light and redeemed as a victim of the prejudice and hypocrisy of the time.